Gold Joined The Crude Oil’s Rally

On Wednesday, the price of gold once again showed a slow increase, but the price was still suppressed below the previous high of 1208. All along, we talked about the operation method of the interval.

  1, interval. This is one thing that every transaction must consider. How big is space, how much profit there is, how much the stop loss is, and it must be counted as an account. If the account is not balanced, there is no reason for the transaction, such as the volatility. Big, space is not big; then the trade can get profits.

  2, chasing a single, chasing after a single is often used in the breakthrough market, but how to establish a breakthrough?

  Usually, it is necessary to use the primary trend, if the trend is continuous, then the chase can be used, once in the shock, don’t chase, the market continuity is too bad, it is availble to a pursuit.

  3, continuity, continuity is the key to judging the trend; once the market loses continuity, it indicates the direction of shock.

  4, the number of yin and yang lines, this is the hidden signal of the breakthrough in the direction of the shock.

  For example, the gold market on Wednesday, the day is strong, so the signal hidden in the evening is also strong, although the volatility is not substantial, there are also 5 dollars fluctuations, it is OK.

  5, Milestone, shock market, must find the right turning point, which is the indicator to judge the strength and weakness, the price rises and falls, need to pass the watershed to judge.

  Obviously yesterday, gold, took such a turning point.

  Falling early, the support below 1197, the previous day’s high of 1203.

  In the morning, the bottom of the net rebounded, the European plate broke 1203, and in front of the US disk sideways above 1203, then the probability of the US plate continuing to strengthen is large.

  Therefore, the US market is more than 01-2, which originated from the previous day’s breakthrough in the day, and the market consolidation, a strong one.

  Regarding magnitude alone, the price has not broken through the suppression. This is more tangled.

Jing Liangdong: Gold Europe’s ups and downs are unstable suggestion 1204 first Bodo!

  Today’s trading methods are different:

  1, yesterday morning in the morning, a small force in the morning, hit a high point yesterday.

  If this form continues, it will withdraw at most half of the US dollar, and there will be no significant retracement.

  2, the watershed US dollar rises 1201, once the European market fell, then there is no play in the rise, continue to be range shocks.

  3, the upper resistance of the previous high point of 1213-4, according to the trend of the two days, or the interval, the touch is still available.

  Therefore, today’s market is divided into several points:

  1, do more, can only be a 1204-5 first-line layout, damage 1200, target 1212-14 first line.

  2, the European market ups and downs, determine the trend, if the European disk declines, the US plate must be shocked, cannot be more. The European market broke through the 07 sideways, and the US plate 1212-14 is bound to arrive.

  3, the upper 1213-14 can be empty, loss 18.5, look at the 07-8 line.


  Crude oil, the US crude oil used to do more than yesterday, mainly in the 5 hours of the day, the price does not fall, this form, the US disk is rising.

  At the close of the highest price, it is expected to continue to rise today.


  In the trade, it was first regarded as a solid layout, hitting more than 71 in the day, and losing 70.5 to see above 72.